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Provide top-notch protection, project good looks, and reduce costs in your organization by allowing your staff to use fully washable and reusable fabric face masks.


✅ DURABLE: Made with high-quality materials and with two layers of different mesh fabric offer greater resistance and protection. The elastic is soft to the skin and resistant for daily use.

✅ COMFORTABLE: Fully adaptable design to the contour of the face to minimize discomfort from prolonged use.

✅ EASY TO CLEAN: They are totally washable to be used several times. It is recommended that the mask is for personal use.


✅ 1. Save up to 30% on PPE for your employees.


An average employee uses at least 2 disposable face masks a day, which is approximately $ 24 a month in disposable face masks for each employee at best.


Our high-quality reusable fabric face masks can be washed multiple times without losing their efficiency, so an average employee could use 2 such face masks during the month at an average cost of $ 16 dollars.




20 employees require around 1200 disposable masks using an average of two masks per day. Total cost = $ 480


20 employees require around 40 washable masks using an average of two masks per month. Total cost = $ 320



✅ 2. Generate revenue and added value:


The average price of our retail masks is $ 12 which generates a profit of around 50% per unit when sale retail.


In Hotels:


Generate revenue and add value to your guests by offering reusable fabric masks by placing them in the room as part of the consumables that can be charged to the room account.


Avoid having your guests go out to shops or request masks per shipment. Give them comfort by having them directly in their room.


In supermarkets:


Generate revenue by allowing your customers to buy masks for daily use at the checkout line.


✅ GREAT PRICE! Just $8 per unit:

  • Package of 30 units: $ 240 dollars.

  • Package of 50 units: $ 400 dollars


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